Jonathan Chetcuti – Founder and Director

Jonathan-ChetcutiA hybrid between an artist and a techie. Studied art and specialised in Computer Science and AI at the University of Malta. Spearheaded GO’s online presence for 8 years, including pivotal milestones such as the launch of mobile services and the rebranding of the GO group. Moved to Melita as the product manager for e-marketing, responsible for day-to-day operations together with the online launch of mobile services and online rebranding amongst others.

Co-founded the Concept Stadium in 2010 as a SoHo business concern which evolved into a company in 2012.

He has played competitive volleyball for over 20 years, winning all top personal and team honours in Malta with three different teams. Jonathan was twice nominated for the Malta National Sports Awards. Over the years he has obtained over 100 caps with the Malta National Volleyball team, captaining his national side between 2003 and 2012.

Jonathan speaks fluent Maltese, English and Italian.

Q&A with Jonathan C.

People think I am funny, artistic and fun to work with.

What I really do is handle design projects which range from websites, campaigns and signage, while also seeing that our clients’ expectations are always met.

My favourite book is Bravo Two Zero.

I feel happiest when I am travelling and spending time with my family.

I am an avid fan of anything to do with volleyball, American sports and sports memorabilia.

I think the Concept Stadium is the place where your brand should come to play!

The motto I live with is Health, Family & Happiness are far more valuable than Money.

My dream is to become a professional sports photographer!

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