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We strongly believe that with a unified team, we can come up with the best gameplay. As a team, we have built a distinctive culture that encourages us to strengthen our core abilities individually, to come together in a united front.

Why Work With Us

Players are People

Before marketers, designers or techies, we are people with families. Our creative arena thrives with healthy, formidable and focused players, and we believe that such environment can only be realised when a true work-life balance is achieved. We have flexible family-friendly measures that allow both genders to attend to their loved ones when the need arises.

Sum of Parts

What’s a winning striker without their goalkeeper? As the adage goes, the sum of parts is bigger than the whole, and successful league placings have shown us that when we truly collaborate together across different disciplines, we create the best work and better serve our clients. Before a project is launched, we seek each other’s feedback and if need be, go back to the drawing board to perfect our game-plan.

Idea Academy

We invest in our players to further develop and nurture their talent. The Concept Stadium is an arena where our players are free to generate ideas, both collectively in formal and informal idea-generation sessions, or in our own element, to explore innovative ways to bring out the best for our client brands.

Quality Matters

Each player within the Concept Stadium is responsible for producing quality work, not just work. We have quality assurance mechanisms in place that encourage us to perfect our game against predefined quality metrics. We consistently empower our team to bring their A Game to truly realise their full potential.

The Stadium

Our creative studio, coloured by neons and a growing collection of sports memorabilia, sets the ideal scene for marketers and creatives to create magic. Apart from being a great source of natural light, our relaxing terrace often houses spontaneous Friday BBQs and out-of-the-box idea-generation sessions. And if you think you can hit a bull’s eye, we invite you for a round of darts!

Geo Tag

The Concept Stadium offices are located at the Hardocks Business Park in Naxxar (Burmarrad Area) where we have the opportunity to enjoy walking meetings in the countryside, followed by a fresh lunch at the Fort Café just below our premises. For your convenience, an indoor car park is also available. Coffee lovers can rest assured that plenty of quality espresso machines are provided, and if you’re on a health-kick, we also have a smoothie machine at your service.

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