Exploring the Brand(scape)

by Jeremy Pace

We are constantly exposed to brands on print, social media and digital devices. They’re everywhere. Yet if we take a step back, or more precisely, if we step out for a stroll in our neighborhood, we are exposed to a plethora of brands, all competing to attract new business. I am referring to, of course, the humble shop sign.

A cluttered façade tends to create a ‘chameleon effect’, where a brand is hiding in plain sight, amongst the clutter.

Be it an office or a retail space, the role of any outside branding is to expose the passer-by to the brand and potentially attract a walk-in. Façade signs come in all shapes and sizes, yet, to be effective they all have to perform one crucial balancing act between promoting the business’ services and the brand. Get the balance wrong and you are left with either a vague looking brand, which in the best case scenario would leave the passer-by curious, yet confused about what the establishment offers; or on the other side of the spectrum, would leave the passer-by confused and disinterested. A cluttered façade tends to create a ‘chameleon effect’, where a brand is hiding in plain sight, amongst the clutter.

Like any brand exposure experience, the façade is as important as any other part of the brand journey and this is where it might prove to be challenging. How are you going to continue the brand journey in an effective clear way, without overcomplicating the façade? While each solution is based on the client brief or even the industry in which the particular firm operates, the façade must remain a clear welcome to the brand it represents and to customers it aims to attract. Interior signage and the other brand channels help make the journey complete. We tend to refer to UX in the digital spectrum, but we should not forget this either!

At the Concept Stadium we have created such journeys on both the retail and the corporate front. Want to create a unique brand experience in your establishment? Get in touch!

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Jun, 27, 2018