Challenge Your Limits

Eurosport Industry: Retail

Once again, The Concept Stadium was entrusted by Eurosport, a local sports retail brand to conceptualise and execute a campaign for people to ‘Challenge Their Limits’ through adopting an active lifestyle. The campaign included the endorsement of celebrities promoting inspirational messages on social media, out of home visuals such as billboards and bus shelters and in-store signage. Athletes and other personalities also shared their experience and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through an AV production.

Eurosport-behance-1_01 case study Eurosport-behance-1_02 case study Eurosport-behance-1_03 case study Eurosport-behance-1_04 case study Eurosport-behance-1_05 case study Eurosport-behance-1_06 case study Eurosport-behance-2_01 case study Eurosport-behance-2_02 case study Eurosport-behance-2_03 case study Eurosport-behance-2_04 case study Eurosport-behance-2_05 case study Eurosport-behance-3_01 case study Eurosport-behance-3_02 case study Eurosport-behance-3_03 case study Eurosport-behance-3_04 case study Eurosport-behance-4_01 case study Eurosport-behance-4_02 case study Eurosport-behance-4_03 case study

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