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Marketing Strategy

Every team needs a solid game plan that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive.

And we do not plan blindfolded - we get to know your team, understand your tactics and draft an objective goal-achieving agenda that delivers table-topping results. Because the Think Different approach works.

Team tactics for Marketing Strategy:

  • Development of Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Consultancy in respect of Branding & General Company Visibility
  • Consultancy in respect of all Marketing aspects
  • Management of the Marketing / Advertising Budget
  • Liaison with Printers and / or Media / Production Houses and / or Stations/Publications related to above-the-line marketing
  • Weekly Meetings including Email Correspondence and Telephone Support relating to General Marketing Services
  • Management of Online / Social Media Campaigns
  • Attendance of required meetings in respect of all Marketing activities
  • Management of Marketing / Service Campaigns as and when the need arises
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