the Score Board : September 2016

September 2016

As the Paralympians settle back home with their medals & Personal Bests, sports psychologists analysed the games & identified the traits that help champions to flourish, which we can all learn from. These include: Self-regulation to combat stress & anxiety, by improving self-talk to be more positive; Mental toughness induced by high levels of motivation, to be able to cope with setbacks and remain focused on goals; Vigour, having high levels of energy, effort & drive; & Control: athletes are process-focused, which means they concentrate on what they can control, ie. strategies, routines & performance.

Goals Scored

Now that Summer has ended (at least technically), we took a look back at our fun-filled summer campaigns from our trophy cabinet which included the Hellmann’s Finding Grilltopia campaign. The content-led campaign tickled the taste buds of many local BBQ fanatics, as an online audiovisual series took viewers on a global adventure to reinforce the message that Hellmann’s and barbecues are a perfect match, just like fire and food. The original web series, starring YouTube star DJ BBQ, was shared to the local audience on the newly-set-up Hellmann’s Malta Facebook page.

To complement the digital activation, our team also dressed up the dressings aisles (pun intended) at various supermarkets in Malta, together with the installation of a number of POSs.

Check out the visuals here.

From the Match Programme

synchub-x-cs_upcomingIt is not uncommon for us to be inspired by budding entrepreneurs, but when their vision is not only to provide something amazing, but also to do good, we know we got the best of the two worlds.

The Concept Stadium team worked on creating a brand new identity and online platform for Sync Hub, a community of entrepreneurs who are challenging the ‘business as usual’ paradigm. Read the story here.

Upcoming Fixtures

We often hear of refurbishments of retail stores on the local scene, because let’s face it, nearly all brick-and-mortar businesses are stepping up their game to offer unparalleled shopping experiences. But what is special about a client project we assisted, is that it carries a unique concept, a nostalgic landmark we are all acquainted with, and a team of Italian designers who moved to Malta to work on this particular project. Intrigued? Watch out for next month’s edition of Goals Scored.

Tactic of the Month

5 Holiday Gift Tips We Swear By

Even if we say so ourselves, but we kind of rock in the gifting department. It’s not because we have a hefty budget, we are an SME after all. But when we want to express our gratitude towards our clients & partners, we go the extra mile to get it right. Here are a few tips we collected along the years.

  1. Make It Personal – this is one of the big tools in a marketer’s toolbox, but during the holiday season, it has an even greater impact. Find ways to show your clients that you know them by adding a personal touch, whether that’s name personalisation, gifting something to their taste or even delivering the gift yourself.
  2. Make It Useful – channel your giving attitude to provide clients/partners with something they will truly value, something that helps them do their jobs more effectively, something fun that will make them laugh, or something that they can actually use.
  3. Make It Unique – think about how many Christmas gifts you receive, please do not replicate. Think outside the box, be original by adding a unique twist that makes the gift idea your own.

Stand out this holiday season, leave the boring corporate gifts to the Grinch and share a thought that will boost your goodwill all year long.

Oct, 04, 2016