the Score Board : March 2016

March 2016

Twitter turned 10 years old last month. That’s how long we’ve been speaking in hashtags. Every day since, millions of people come together around a single keyword, and amplify their message to a broader audience. In a sense, Twitter changed the conversation from ‘what are you doing?’ (Facebook) to ‘what’s happening right now’. After all, it remains a platform created solely by its users.

Goals Scored

March 2016 Goal - UnitechUnitech is a security and IT company that designs and provides security systems predominantly for the retail industry, including shopping centers, supermarkets, showrooms, and multi-level car parks. Earlier this year, the Concept Stadium was entrusted with the rebranding of Unitech. The basis of our inspiration was tied to the promoter’s continuous efforts towards excellence. The fresh Unitech brand can now be spotted on the company’s vehicles, outdoor and indoor premises signage, social media with other branding opportunities in the pipeline. In the same way Unitech is investing substantially in providing new refined technologies with superior design and execution; its brand now fully reflects such ethos.

Check out our portfolio post here.

From the Match Programme

March 2016 Programme - KenyaIf you’ve been in a conversation with us for at least ten minutes, you would have likely heard us reiterate our commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility. We never tire of encouraging our peers to engage in activities that bring good will, no matter how big or small.

Our latest CSR initiative took us to Kenya. Our own PR Manager recently set up a voluntary organisation to sponsor children’s education in Kenya and we’re proud to say that we were one of the first sponsors. We now sponsor a young Kenyan girl’s school tuition and are following her progress closely. Speak to us to give something back to our communities!

If in turn, you wish to learn more about sponsoring a child’s education, visit

Upcoming Fixtures

March 2016 Upcoming - Castille

Communication can never take place unless you have the other person’s attention. One of the largest recruitment agencies in Malta, Castille, trusts us with designing key materials for its nationwide vacancies coverage. Here’s a sneak peak, but the full portfolio will be featured in next month’s edition.

Tactic of the Month

Have you heard about content curation? When sharing information to your contacts, try adding thoughtful commentary to demonstrate your expertise and unique point of view about the subject, and best of all, to stand out from the rest. Readers are not only interested in your latest offers, they want to receive quality content that actually matters to them. Need curation advice? Speak to us.

Mar, 31, 2016