the Score Board : June 2016

June 2016

Lessons from Euro 2016

This year’s edition paved the way for key influencers to mark their territory, and companies all over the world are responding. To boost their offers, betting companies have strategically picked football legends as brand ambassadors. For instance, in their TV campaign, Ladbrokes featured ex-footballers Chris Kamara and Scottish striker Ally McCoist in a parody of football punditry. Influencer marketing is growing, as fans continue to be pulled in by engagement.

Marketing aside, who do you think will win the title?

Goals Scored

In last month’s edition, we briefly introduced Shireburn Software, a leading software company selling its technologies to a number of businesses across various industries. We recently completed a state-of-the-art website for them (even if we say so ourselves), which included:

  1. A content management system for easier creation and modification of content with an interface that supports multiple users working in a collaborative environment;
  2. A COPE model (Create once, publish everywhere) which gives the ability to input the content once and use it anywhere throughout the website;
  3. A full responsive mobile environment without the need to duplicate input of content;
  4. A flat design that helps the visitor understand the content and the respective services quicker, while optimising loading time.

It’s amazing what websites can do today! Check out our portfolio post here.

From the Match Programme

Our own studio manager Jeremy Pace presented a masterclass on how we can maximise digital technology in our respective fields within the Concept Stadium. One of the key take-home notes centred around the fact that we should strive to be an audience agency, rather than a media agency. In effect, this reiterates our commitment to make sure that YOUR brand is always the Player of the Match.

Oh! And the fun didn’t stop there! We ended the week with a game of Archery! Check out some pictures here.

Upcoming Fixtures

When it comes to casual footwear, Ipanema offers some iconic options, as the brand has re-imagined casual rubber sandals into something truly wearable. We’ve recently been entrusted by Eurosport, to carry out a colourful campaign that included events and social media imagery that makes you want to leave your desk and hit the beach! More details on the campaign on the next issue of the Score Board.

Tactic of the Month

3 Steps to nail your app’s marketing

    1. Don’t confuse the two: Treating the app as an extension of the mobile website is one of the most common and costly mistakes that a company can make. Instead, focus on creating app-exclusive content that can be viewed without internet access.
    2. The app should provide unique value: Create special offers available only on the app, or post behind-the-scenes videos that give your most loyal customers an insider look at your company culture.
    3. Use the power of push notifications: Communicate and motivate your customers at the most appropriate time, depending on their location.

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Jun, 30, 2016