the Score Board : July 2016

July 2016

Have you caught Pikachu yet? Pokémon GO is the biggest Augmented Reality marketing experiment to-date. The mobile game that has turned adults into monster-chasers might be a passing fad, but its impact on how businesses engage with their audiences will be staggering. But perhaps the biggest lesson we’ve learnt is that when you invest the time, energy and money into producing something that’s truly creative, the rewards will be tangible.

Goals Scored

Goals-Scored_IpanemaWhat do we love more than sport shoes? Beach shoes, of course! When Eurosport approached us to work on the summer campaign for Ipanema, we were thrilled. The colourful, multi-media campaign was right up our street and we delivered: social media content and engagement; eye-catching in-store design such as flip-flop floor stickers; online advertising / skinning and event promotion, amongst others. Besides being creative in design, Ipanema sandals are made from recyclable plastic, being 100% recyclable.

Don’t believe us? Check out our portfolio post here.

From the Match Programme

Summer is all about good times, but they can be even better when you make someone else’s day that little bit more fun. Following the success of last year’s CSR beach event, we decided to organise another one for the kids at the Tarxien Crèche. It was a super day, check out the photos here.

Upcoming Fixtures

Teaser_EpicYouIn recent editions of the score board, we spoke about the power of influencers that are now leading the online social world. Well, we can now speak with even more confidence, following a successful ‘epic’ activation for the Unilever brand LYNX. Watch this space for the full details next month.

Tactic of the Month

3 Reasons Your Instagram Marketing Is Not Working

Instagram is the quintessential visual form of storytelling, but as you might have witnessed, being successful on Instagram is not achieved by simply creating an account and occasionally posting photos. Here’s what you might be doing wrong:

  1. You’re more of the same: every brand needs to find the angle that sets them apart from everyone else, otherwise you’ll never build an audience.
  2. You’re not speaking to your followers: good content strategies should focus solely on the end user, not a self-centered megaphone dedicated purely to promoting your own material.
  3. You’re not giving anything: make your channel worth following by consistently providing practical value to your followers, like teaching them something new for instance.

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Aug, 01, 2016