the Score Board : January 2016

January 2016

The new season is well underway now and we’re ready for a big one! Here is an insider view of what we’ve been up to.

Goals Scored

Gauci Borda

One can’t change the direction of the wind, but one can adjust the sails to reach the destination – and that’s what we did for Gauci Borda. We re-branded their organisation to create a crisp identity targeting their niche audience. The look is now complete with a new logo, brand new store signage that lights up the Gzira seafront, a stationery suite that gets people talking and a website that makes you want to leave your office and get on the deck. You now spot the GB brand from a nautical mile away!

Check out our portfolio post here.

From the Match Programme

If you own a business, you would agree that internal housekeeping tends to slide to the backburner, prioritising clients’ work instead. But we put an end to that, and the result? We came back to start the year with a website that explains better what we do and how we do it.

Check it out here.


Upcoming Fixtures

Talk about a transformation! Here is one of our design team’s first projects for 2016. A complete rebranding for the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners in Malta, launched at the biennial conference earlier this month. Stay tuned – we’ll be featuring this next month.

Tactic of the Month

Time to rethink your digital mobile strategy? Are your social media channels and digital platforms mobile-friendly or do they make your eyes twitch? Speak to us, because ours rock.

Jan, 31, 2016