the Score Board : April 2016

April 2016

Did you hear about F8 Update? Besides unveiling the astonishing 10-year plan for Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg also launched some cool new features that will change the way we do business on the platform. These include: the new Beta messenger platform (which is basically messenger on steroids); video browsing; quote sharing; and cross-page video sharing (halleluiah!) – amongst others.

Goals Scored

April 2016 Goal - CastilleCastille is a leading, new generation specialist recruitment and training firm in Malta whose proposition is rooted in insightful consultation and specialised knowledge. With the same vision and commitment, we are thrilled to be assisting Castille in its expert and specialist networking efforts. Remaining loyal to its core brand values and elements, our design studio was involved in creating and developing Castille’s quality stationery, flyers, and advertising collateral on leading publications in Malta.

Check out our portfolio post here.

From the Match Programme

Join the TeamOur squad is getting bigger! We’re looking for a new front-liner to add to our team. If you’re into building and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients, and simultaneously ensuring the timely and successful delivery of marketing solutions, then you could be our next Marketing Consultant / Client Interface Guru! Do you have someone in mind? Share this with them! Our fan’s friends, are our friends too. For more information,

Upcoming Fixtures

April 2016 Upcoming - TRESemme'It’s an exciting month for the girls at the Concept Stadium! We’re gearing up towards the 2016 Malta Fashion Week & Awards, assisting TRESemme’ as the Main Hair Care Sponsor. Here’s a sneak peak, but the full portfolio will be featured in next month’s edition.

Tactic of the Month

Looking for daily creative inspiration?
Here are 2 marketing leaders who are killing it on Twitter.

Gary Vaynerchuck @garyvee

A social media enthusiast and businessman, shares out-of-the-box reviews on social platforms and the latest life-saving apps.

Arianna Huffington @ariannahuff

Apart from being an all-around powerhouse, she offers great insight into success and reporting, together with strong advocacy for wellness, work/life balance and sufficient sleep.

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Apr, 30, 2016