the Concept Stadium admitted as a Strategic Partner of TAP-Knowledge Network

the Concept Stadium, the boutique marketing consultancy firm, has been admitted as Strategic Partner of the TAP-Knowledge Network.

TAP-KN is a Professional Services Network built around a commitment to knowledge development & multi-disciplinary collaboration. TAP-KN is a network of professional services providers, with a similar world-view, but from diverse disciplines, who meet on a regular basis with a view to think constructively about issues & challenges of the day/age; pro-actively facilitate the development of ideas & concepts into projects; and pro-actively seek out potential investors for their realization.

the Concept Stadium is a boutique and personalized marketing strategy consulting firm, offering its services to companies and organisations that wish to implement an integrated marketing approach. The Stadium’s service portfolio includes Branding, Design, Web & Social Media, PR & CSR, Events and Marketing Strategy.

“We are very pleased to be joining TAP-KN”, commented Jonathan Dalli, Founder & Managing Director at the Concept Stadium. “We realize we do not operate in a vacuum and thus we felt the need to join a wider network of independent firms who have adhered to the TAP-K working system. We have already started working together with the other partners on various initiatives”.

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Mar, 05, 2014