JCI Malta crowdfunding campaign reaches target in less than a week

Earlier in March, JCI Malta and Survivors Malta launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds for a project called “Reunited MDH Pet Cabin”, a pet visitation cabin on the grounds of Mater Dei Hospital.

The plan was to collect €13,000 within 6 months via ZAAR, Malta’s crowd-funding platform, to cover the costs of the cabin and any promotional signage – however the target was reached, and surpassed, in less than a week.

Reunited MDH Pet Cabin is the brainchild of Sarah Cachia, the mother of Jacob who at the age of 15 had undergone a series of medical interventions whilst fighting for his life. During his 5 months in hospital, Jacob missed not seeing the family pet ‘Peanut’ and after several negotiations, Sarah managed to get permission for Jacob to see the dog outside the premises. The reunion brought a smile to Jacob after so many months and helped in his recovery process.

the Concept Stadium supported the campaign with marketing and PR efforts.

Mar, 08, 2016