Google’s Search Engine Ranking Has Changed And Here’s What You Need to Know

We got our hands on the new report by Searchmetrics, titled “Google Universal & Extended Search 2016”, which shows how Google is displaying fewer organic results on the first page. It is also differentiating search experiences between desktop and smartphone users.

In a nutshell, here is what the report says:

  1. The number of organic search results on page 1 has decreased from 10, including description and URL, to an average of 8.5 for users using mobile & 8.59 results for users using desktop.
  1. The reason for this is explained when comparing the content of the results. The data shows that Google is now displaying more video, imagery and the Knowledge Graph, instead of merely URLs.
  1. The study thus shows that smartphone and desktop users are seeing different results. When searching for the same keyword, smartphone users are seeing results with video, map, social, and mobile app integrations; whilst desktop users are more likely to receive Google results with images, product listing ads, and fact boxes.
  1. Essentially, what this means is that Marketers must get more creative in generating content that fits well with how Google is displaying results, that is, using video, imagery and apps.


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Oct, 21, 2016