FinanceMalta 11th Annual Conference – 2018

This year’s FinanceMalta Annual Conference, entitled ‘Finance Without Frontiers’, has recently come to a close. This 11th edition had a certain objectives it wanted to achieve from a creative direction, which the Concept Stadium undertook. These being to improve the rendering of the conference itself, as well as to uplift the overall positioning and image of the brand in the financial sector.

The scope was to portray a strong, modern and creative entity that attracts new and potential international financial markets, as well as to increase the number of delegates attending the conference.

The panel featured top local and international experts who addressed the audience about contemporary and current topics affecting the industry, such as business startups, GDPR, cyber security, MiFiD II & MiFiR, and more.

The aforementioned objectives were reflected in the creative and dynamic design approach chosen, where the graphics and animations not only stimulated the audience, but also made the topics more relevant and interesting during the presentations & panel discussions, workshops and networking events.

A full case study will follow soon.

May, 22, 2018