Fatherhood at the Concept Stadium

by Maria Callus

If there is one thing that I enjoy most when working with a bunch of men is that they have broken any stereotype I may have had about working dads. We are blessed with four daddies in our team and if there was an award for commitment and nurturing instincts towards their kids, they would definitely get one from me.

Having children challenges everything you know and even the way you work. As any parent can testify, life can be so unpredictable that anything can change your day’s plans in the blink of an eye. Even those amongst us who like to plan their every move (not mentioning names!), had to be ready to put their Moleskine aside and focus on the little human when the need arises.

Thankfully, this is when the Concept Stadium company culture comes into play. This is not just about the work ethic, but beliefs that go much deeper. The fact that family always, always comes first. I have witnessed, first hand, colleagues pitching in to handle the work of someone who had to stay at home as their child was unwell, or because it was their child’s prize day.

This is what it’s all about. At the Concept Stadium, dads (and mums for that matter) are encouraged to be present in their children’s lives. We like to use the metaphor of compartmentalising ourselves: if we are at work, our client’s projects take priority and we aim to give our 100% during that time, but then when we’re home, we’re parents – also 100%. In the process, we’ve learnt to work smarter and make sure that every minute matters, thanks to an efficient time-billing system we have put in place as part of the ISO 9001 quality management system auditing.

Most of all, we have come to appreciate what a true work-life balance means. Yes we do love our work, but we are more than the campaigns we lead and the KPIs we reach. We all have other passions and loved ones at home, and being able to balance those make us better colleagues and better persons. Ultimately, like we always reiterate, we are parents first, creatives second.



Jun, 15, 2017