A Digital Masterclass by our own Mastermind

Our own studio manager Jeremy Pace recently presented a masterclass on how we can maximise digital technology in our respective fields within the Concept Stadium.

One of the key take-home notes centered around the fact that we should strive to be an audience agency, rather than a media agency. In effect, this reiterates our commitment to make sure that YOUR brand is always the Player of the Match.

We’d like the share this knowledge with you – click here to download!

Oh! And the fun didn’t stop there! We ended the week with a game of Archery! Check out some pictures below:

  • tCS-Archery-event (1)
  • tCS-Archery-event (2)
  • tCS-Archery-event (3)
  • tCS-Archery-event (4)

Jun, 20, 2016