3 cliché Maltese taglines we can do without

As a nation, we just love clichés. We mimic hundreds of them in our car when stuck in traffic and we even create songs around them (cue: election time).

But they are also so darn annoying. They are predictable, void of meaning and your client can spot them from a mile away.

Instead of being clear about their purpose, some people spend far too much time trying to be clever, catchy and well, corny.

So on Cliché Day, we bring you our Top 3 ‘favourite’ clichés:

  1. “Our rugs look good on you”

Say whaaaat?? This is classic. How is a rug supposed to look good on…what?? There are no words, just please make it stop.

  1. “No 1 for blinds / furniture / whatever”

Erm, we’ll be the judge of that. Please do not overpromise and let your client evaluate your performance, not the other way round.

  1. “The best quality at best prices”

Oh really? Best quality. I mean, there ought to be a law on such statements.

What you can do instead

Memorable brands are presented in a way that is both an honest and marketable. A value proposition should clearly define what’s in it for your customer. Here are some killer taglines:

  1. Dropbox “Your stuff, anywhere”

  2. FedEx “When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight”

  3. Volvo “For Life”

P.S Investing in professional copy writing is key here. We can help. Speak to us.

Nov, 03, 2016