Bianco Arancio

logo_biancoarancio_ALTA-DEFINIZIONEthe Concept Stadium is a strategic partner of Bianco Arancio, a group of Italian design consultants specialised in architecture and interior, environment, civil engineering, landscape and project management.

Bianco Arancio transforms buildings into cutting-edge business concepts, by developing infrastructural projects with a strong architectonic style, combined with solid project management that guarantees meeting budgets and deadlines successfully.

The scope of the collaboration between the Concept Stadium and Bianco Arancio is to provide Maltese retail clients with a holistic service that goes beyond the branding, marketing and PR campaigns.

the Concept Stadium and Bianco Arancio can now truly assist clients from concept to completion – including state-of-the-art design and project management solutions. Bianco Arancio were responsible for projects including F&B outlets, as well as Retail & Shopping Complexes in Italy, Belarus and other locations.

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